All CCMoore frozen in the green bags are for clearance.


All Varities as long as it is in the green bags then they are on our clearance offer.


1kg Frozen Green bags of CCMoore are £5 Each or 2 for £8


5kg Frozen Green bags of CCMoore are £25 Each

Live Sytem Freezer Boilies

This superb, instantly attractive food bait has something of a cult following due to its ability to get a bite when literally all other boiled baits fail. It has a distinctively sweet, yeasty aroma and taste that triggers a strong feeding response in even the most unfavourable conditions. Its light, sandy colour also means it has the added advantage of stimulating fish to feed based on its visual attraction, therefore making it a superb winter bait that really needs little or no introduction prior to use.

If you thought the original Odyssey was good just wait until you smell the new Odyssey XXX you just know its going to catch you loads of fish..
During development we were determined to ensure that no expense was spared on Odyssey XXX, adding unprecedented levels of proven natural attractors.
CCM Odyssey XXX is a very successful carp bait incorporating milk proteins, hydrolysed fish proteins, bird foods, yeasts, low temperature and pre-digested fish meals to act as attractants, Odyssey XXX also includes 10% Green Lipped Mussel Extract (100g per kg) and extra Betaine, beautifully complimenting the existing yeasty-fishy aroma.

This is a PUKKA bait, get on it!!!